"I am!" official music video
from the album "Beyond the Illusion"

music by Stefano Panunzi 

Luca Calabrese – trumpet 

Fabio Fraschini – bass 

Stefano Panunzi – keys

directed by Adamo Mastrangelo

"Beyond the Illusion' is the new album by the keyboardist Stefano Panunzi. A Roman musician who has been working on his own for more than a decade, Panunzi imbues his albums with strong instrumental echoes that refer directly to the work of Jansen, Barbieri & Karn, Porcupine Tree, No-Man, and King Crimson's ProjeKCts series. "Beyond the Illusion" is a moody collage of progressive influences: a work rooted between art rock and ambient jazz, cinematic soundscape and alternative rock.

“The portrait” video, directed by

Adamo Mastrangelo

Riproduci video

Other works

Panunzi expands his musical palette by employing a host of international vocalists, including Austrian performance artist Renee Stieger, British musician Tim Bowness (No-Man), Scottish electro-experimentalist Thomas Leer and Irish singer-songwriter Sandra O’Neall (Alias Grace).


Musics by : Stefano Panunzi, Nicola Alesini, Giacomo Anselmi, Mike Applebaum, Peter Chilvers, Giancarlo Erra, Fabio Fraschini, Daniele Iacono, Haco, Gavin Harrison, Mick Karn, Nicola Lori, Diego Mancini, Sandra O’Neill, Laura Pierazzuoli, Giampaolo Rao, Markus Reuter, Rima, Angelo Strizzi

This is certainly a sort of evolution, improving my know-how about different kinds of music and artists I’ve developed my taste for contaminations and for new musical developments. The concept of “Timelines” means a personal life evolution but also a musical ripen.