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a rose panunzi

“Exquisite” is an apt description of this all-star affair helmed by Stefano Panunzi, an Italian musician whose compositions recall Rain Tree Crow, No-Man, Talk Talk and The Blue Nile, among others.
To get a sense of Panunzi’s direction one needs only check out some of his collaborators: Mick Karn (Japan), Giancarlo Erra (Nosound), Robby Aceto (David Sylvian) and jazz trumpeter Mike Applebaum, among a host of Italian musicians.
Panunzi expands his musical palette by employing a host of international vocalists, including Austrian performance artist Renee Stieger, British musician Tim Bowness (No-Man), Scottish electro-experimentalist Thomas Leer and Irish singer-songwriter Sandra O’Neall (Alias Grace). Much of this music falls in the ambient, atmospheric rock realm favored by the Burning Shed label, with perhaps a greater nod to symphonic and jazz influences. There are three instrumentals among the 10 tracks, ranging from the robust bounce of “On Line, Now!” to the pastoral delights of “Lights And Shades”.
Kudos to Panunzi for crafting a masterful example of experimental, impressionistic rock.

Published in Progression 59 ; Spring 2010


1. State Of Mind
2. Fades
3. On Line, Now!
4. Child Of Your Time
5. I Miss You
6. Unreality
7. Where Is My Soul
8. The Bridge
9. Tonight
10. Lights And Shades

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Stefano Panunzi, Nicola Alesini, Giacomo Anselmi, Mike Applebaum, Peter Chilvers, Giancarlo Erra, Fabio Fraschini, Daniele Iacono, Haco, Gavin Harrison, Mick Karn, Nicola Lori, Diego Mancini, Sandra O’Neill, Laura Pierazzuoli, Giampaolo Rao, Markus Reuter, Rima, Angelo Strizzi