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Beyond the illusion

The new album

Dedicated to Ines Piccolo, my mother (and to all those who love me … life without love is to wander aimlessly without peace).

“Beyond the Illusion’ is the new album by the keyboardist Stefano Panunzi. A Roman musician who has been working on his own for more than a decade, Panunzi imbues his albums with strong instrumental echoes that refer directly to the work of Jansen, Barbieri & Karn, Porcupine Tree, No-Man, and King Crimson’s ProjeKCts series. “Beyond the Illusion” is a moody collage of progressive influences: a work rooted between art rock and ambient jazz, cinematic soundscape and alternative rock.

In his third solo album, consisting of 12 tracks (on CD and 9 on LP), Panunzi teamed up with internationally renowned artists, whom he enthusiastically directed: GRICE, Tim Bowness (No-Man), Monica Canfora, Nicola Lori (Fijeri), Cristiano Capobianco, Lorenzo Feliciati (Tiromancino, Niccolò Fabi, Pat Mastellotto, Roy Powell, Colin Edwin), Fabio Fraschini, Ivan Ricchiuto, Luca Calabrese, Mike Applebaum, Mike Bearpark, Yuri Croscenko, Davide Alivernini, Gavin Harrison and Dario Vero.

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Written & produced by Stefano Panunzi.
Tracks 2, 8, 10 co-written with Grice and Nicola Lori.
Track 5 with Tim Bowness.
Track 6 with Fabio Fraschini.
Track 9 with Dario Vero.
Track 11 with Nicola Lori.
All instruments recorded and mixed by Fabio Fraschini at PlayRec Studios.
Additional mixing by Andrea Secchi at Forward Studios.
Mastering by Carmine Simeone at Forward Studios.
Artwork by Nello Dell’Omo.
Cover & mixed media by Stephen Dean Wells.

My family: Carla, Marta and Enrico, always precious and always present, Grice Peters, Tim Bowness, Maria Peters, Monica Ehresmann, Richard Barbieri, Mick Karn, Gavin Harrison, Andrew Weston, Mark Johansson, Luca Calabrese, Sitasii Tuki, Anna Marotta, Marco Coluzzi and Donatella Antonelli, Sara Barzocchini, Veronica Fusco, Stefano Alfieri, the beautiful model and my former student: Silvia Stella, Daniele Napolitano for the Silvia shots, Massimo Scarparo and all the Forward Studios staff, Majlinda Kallmeti and Fiorela Kallmeti for the golden and beneficent hands (how sacred is health!), my dear principal Caterina Di Tella and the staff of the Orazio, Stefano Testini, Luca Alessandro: director of the short film “Deep”, Daniela Panunzi and Silvano Quaglia, Massimo Genna and Cristina Bianchi, Fabio Fraschini, Michael Bearpark, Andrea Secchi, Carmine Simeone, Lorenzo Feliciati, Adamo Mastrangelo, author of “The Portrait” video, Robert Aceto, Mike Applebaum, Michele Garofalo, Yuri Croscenko and Ilaria Toscano, Elisabetta Todrani, Giorgio Sebastiano, Grazia Scanavini, Susana Lombardero Calvin.
A very special thanks to Paola Cicchetti, for her constant and precious help with my translation requests. I am eternally grateful!
And in closing, my sincere thanks to Nicola Lori, my music mate since high school, a dedicated and able collaborator in my solo albums and co-leader in the “Fjieri” project and his partner Paola Miccinelli.
Fabio Fraschini uses LAKLAND Basses and ROTOSOUND strings; Cristiano Capobianco uses UFIP dishes.