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timelines panunzi

This is certainly a sort of evolution, improving my know-how about different kinds of music and artists I’ve developed my taste for contaminations and for new musical developments. The concept of “Timelines” means a personal life evolution but also a musical ripen.

For the “Timelines” project we cannot refer to a real band, I’ve decided to invite different musicians depending on their peculiarity. Of course there’s a sort of big production, many artists appear into this album, but I was really fascinated by the idea of a large musical family, composed of all the people that I best estimate and that perfectly fitted that kind of musical mood. Yes, I’ve immediately begun this project with the idea of working with these great number of artists.

I cannot really say who are exactly my inspirations’ point, I can give you a fast list of my favourite artists, really sorry for that I will forget: Tangerine Dream, Van der Graaf Generator, Pink Floyd, Japan, Hector Zazou, Brian Eno, Wheater Report, Massive Attack, etc.etc.


  1. Timelines
  2. Underground
  3. Everything for her
  4. No answer from you
  5. Masquerade
  6. Web of memories
  7. The moon and the red house
  8. Forgotten story
  9. Tribal innocence
  10. Something to remember
  11. I’m looking for

With a solid guest list, keyboardist Stefano Panunzi releases his first solo album. A musical journey that stretches through time and space or, if you like, through a psychedelic symphonic and atmospheric progressive landscape where the jazz elements, especially in the instrumental parts, play a significant role is Mick Karn (Japan) and Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree) where Karn participates both as a bassist singer and songwriter.
The title track begins the journey with tones that seem to be in the borderland between the real and the fabulous. The beautiful melody is also gilded by the voice of the female vocalist Sandra O´Neill. Yes, here we are really among the timeless elements.
The music progresses with a nice transition to the more symphonic “Underground”. A little more experimental and with saxophone as the main part, with “Everything 4 Her”, Panunzi leads us into the more jazz-influenced areas. We recognize the “groove” -like bassline from Mick Karn from his time in the group Japan.
The next “No Answer From You” is a completely instrumental track that also demands a little more from the listener. A song for the trumpet and jazz loving people. Now follows the track “Masquerade” where Mick Karn has contributed one of the album’s strongest works.
Mr Panunzi seems to have some fondness for the Japanese, next the Japanese singer Haco also sings, the song can be described here a bit as if Yoko Ono meets Icelandic Björk.
Now follows a series of instrumental works where my most personal opinion of music goes a little different ways from Panunzi. Some vibes from Pink Floyd’s early days still feel spotless. Really strong ending still comes with I`m Looking For, like a sweeping wind pulls the song over the musical landscape where in the middle there are a few quiet minutes, which are followed by the most fabulous and wonderful piece of music.
The rating here feels a bit twofold where my most personal taste wants to put both 8 and 6 on the scale. A skilled and well-crafted album can still not be ignored.